Think Small

A simple, beautiful home in South Korea — focusing on the landscape, the quality of the materials, and the owner’s interactions with people, not the owner’s possessions.

When designed with enough attention to detail and composition, even an empty room feels complete.

A provoking quote from the Archinect feature:

“People typically are born into small bodies and return to an even smaller final resting place.  Why, then, do we desire houses that are too big for us?  Our possessions swell to an unnecessary magnitude, and in the end we are burdened by their weight…Like clothing that does not fit, houses that do not fit their owners appear unnatural. Where do we draw the line between too small and too large? People believe that if their houses grow as their life progresses, they have achieved success. An extravagant house, however, does not guarantee happiness or satisfaction.”

When many are boasting about more and more square footage, this home looks perfectly complete at less than 800 sq. ft.

Check out the full article here.


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