field trip reflections

I spent Oct. 2 – 9 in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR exploring the cities and attempting to find some inspiration for my “thesis” [but not really…].  Something very apparent about both cities are the strikingly large numbers of homeless people spread throughout the public spaces.  From parks and bridges to open lots and doorsteps, people find places to live and sleep in these urban contexts.  I met with two people who run services for the homeless, and they both expressed the constant need for more sleeping space, even if temporary.

It brings a new layer to the question: what is a pavilion?  How would the use or perception of the campus installation change if placed in an urban context?  Would it be used as shelter at night?

In the context of people who are without a permanent home, what could a temporary pavilion offer?  Shelter from the rain, a place to sell craft-work, a place to sleep, a meeting point, a building material, storage?

Part of the continued analysis is what the second life of the project will be.  If the bamboo pieces are short cylinders, they could be insulated and used as shelter material.  As a whole, it could be processed and made into flooring, panels, or fabric.

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