9.9.10 reviews

We had our first “informally formal” review session yesterday, which generated a variety of interesting ideas, responses, and “what if” conversations.

Here is a link to my presentation slides of my process and ideas:


My process was an evolution of the following:

_what is the history and past usage of bamboo?
_what are its current uses?
_a study of connection methods and joint types
_deconstruction and study of the bamboo shade
_re-assembly [part 1]
_looking to nature for inspiration, much like Antoni Gaudi did
_re-assembly [part 2]  “the loop,” adding to a chain or network of individual units
_re-assembly [part 3]  “finger joint”
_multiplicity + pattern
_movement + interactivity
_practical applications – furniture, wall structure, storage, building skins…


My investigation did not lead to a specific conclusion or answer.  Instead, it opened several possibilities depending on the scale of the material and the types of connections used, which I hope to explore further.  The next step would require setting some parameters for continued development.

I want to zoom in on a detail, perhaps the assembly joint, and study its patterns, effects on movement, structural integrity, effects on light, repetition, then zoom back out to a larger scale and application.  Another goal is to revisit the initial terms of the investigation.  Do they still apply at the conclusion?

Some general questions raised by the review discussions:

_is this an additive or subtractive design process?

_how does the system or piece touch the ground?

_how do the material’s inherent strengths or qualities apply to real-life needs?  what can be emphasized or played up?

_can you move up in scale with this material or do you need to study a new one also?

_are there metaphors or underlying symbolism in the material, the way it is used, or another application?

_how can a single material be both structure and skin?  how is it used differently in each case?

Presentation Slides (in case the PDF doesn’t work…technology doesn’t always agree with me)

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