The first studio project of the semester is on the outside the most simple statement, but it contains an infinite amount of inherent complexities:  Spend $10 or less on any material[s], explore the materials, and develop an architectural piece.

I found a bamboo window shade for $9 that appeared to have potential and began deconstructing it into its individual materials: 48″ bamboo sticks, string, nylon cord, plastic and metal fittings, and 2 large bamboo pieces.  These materials can be re-combined in a variety of ways to make new pieces.

Following are slides of the deconstruction and exploration process.  Bamboo is the primary material, used in conjunction with the string and some wire for more stability.

Deconstruction of materials

Process:  After separating the materials, I soaked the bamboo strips in water to make them more pliable [not doing so limits their flexibility and causes them to break easily].  I began exploring ways to bend and connect pieces in a variety of patterns and structures.

Exploration of materials

Exploration of materials

The two sets of interlocking pieces [what I’m calling the “double loop” and the “sliding finger joint”] will be pursued in more detail and developed further.

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